Blogtober challenge

Blogtober challenge: This is a challenge for bloggers who sign up in “Travel bloggers club” in October month.


Blogtober challenge

What is blogtober:

Here in this heading I tell you what basically is blogtober before I tell you more about this challenge.

Blogtober  is a challenge organized by Alex from Travel Bloggers club. Travel bloggers club is amazing group in Facebook runs by Eliza French and Katie. What I like about this group is that travel bloggers from all over the world share their travel experience. Another thing  that amazed me about this group is that every member in the group helps each other.

What is blogtober challenge:

Blogtober is a challenge where bloggers from all around the world take part and post a new blog post daily in the month of October.


Blogtober challenge

Blogtober challenge

Why I signed up for this challenge:

I signed up for this challenge  because my job somehow affected consistency of writing post, so with signing up for this challenge in October month we have to write post each day and may be with this my consistency might be back. Also looking forward to share fresh content each day and to get engaged with great travel bloggers all around the world.

Blogtober challenge

Rules for blogtober challenge:

As such there are no rules to Blogtober. The only rule of the challenge is to create new content every day of the month. That means people can get as creative as they want to with their posts.

Blogtober challenge

Who are the other bloggers taking part in this challenge

Here are some of the other bloggers taking part in this challenge:


Blogtober challenge

This is all about the little information about blogtober challenge. I am also looking forward to take part in this challenge.

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Hello everyone, I am Rahat Arora, I like to explore and capture good travel memories. Being travel lover I am also (travel blogger) through which I share my experience about places with the combination of exploring the place, culture and cuisines. So, I hope you all like my travel experience.

25 thoughts on “Blogtober challenge”

    1. Thank you, yes its just a start, India is very big country with so much popular places and some are yet untouched by travelers. I will be sharing these places as I explore.

    1. Yes, definitely and one thing I know blogging is that we can’t make our blog successful alone, sometimes we also need other bloggers to help. With this collaboration only one blog can become successful.

    1. Why job is concern with me because since I live in India, but my company is USA based company in which I am doing USA shift according to Indian standard time which is night 5:30 pm to 2:30 am. This time issue is my barrier to consistency in writing blogs.

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